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Car Dent Repair Modesto

Are You Looking for a Car Dent Removal Service?

Every day, hundreds of people suffer from car dents that happen quite easily. Your car can get dented by a supermarket cart, hail or stones, and from another car scratching yours in the car park. Usually, car owners have to live without a car for days until the dent is repaired. They also have to pay large sums of money to get their car dent fixed.

But car dent removal is not so troublesome anymore with the advent of paintless dent removal or PDR in short. 

What is PDR?

PDR is a method of repairing car dents by reshaping the whole panel. And how exactly does that happen? Specialists massage the damaged panel from behind, the metal is pushed out and restores the area to its original position. And once again, your car is as good as new.

PDR is an inexpensive, quick and efficient car dent removal method. The whole process is usually completed within a few hours. PDR is a great option for small dents where the car’s paint has not been broken. 

The PDR Procedure 

The PDR procedure begins with a skilled technician who is experienced in adjusting precise locations of metal at the right height. This is usually done from the inside of the panel, but a deeper dent can be handled in multiple stages.

LED light makes the inside area, where the work is being done, brighter so that the dent can be repaired precisely. That means the technician should be precise and experienced enough to handle the car.

Benefits of Paintless Car Dent Removal

There are numerous advantages associated with using this technology.

-This procedure is inexpensive compared to other dent services

-You do not need to go through the extensive hassle with your insurance company. It will also help you keep your insurance premium down.

-It does not cause discoloration.  You don’t have to worry about matching a precise paint color since you do not need any extra paint.

-Whether the dent is big or small, you do not need to worry. PDR can fix dents even as small as a nail head.

-Your car’s value does not plunge as there is no visible sign of damage to the car’s body.

-If your car is antique, there is a possibility the exact car paint may not be available. Here too, PDR can save you since this form of repair does not require car paint.

-PDR is approved by prominent car manufacturers as an established and efficient technique. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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