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Paintless Dent Repair


If you’re here, you probably have an UGLY dent on your vehicle that you want gone!

The calls I receive usually go something like this…
“I came back to my car in the parking lot and somebody left a nasty door ding on my car.”

“I was playing catch with my kid and the ball just slammed into my truck and left a big dent.”

“My neighbor was backing up, and accidentally bumped into me.”

“UGGG!!! I just had a minor fender bender.”

Sound familiar? And now you are probably thinking…

“$$$ Cha-Ching, this is going to cost me a lot! I don’t have time to leave my car in an auto body shop for a week! My insurance rates could go up if I put in an insurance claim, and they’ll report to CARFAX which may lower my car’s future resell value. And what about my beautiful factory paint? The auto body shop usually fills the dents with filler or bondo, and will probably need to repaint the whole panel with paint that typically only last 5 years. This is the last thing I want to spend money on, but if I don’t, this will bug me and my vehicle will look beat up!”

GOOD NEWS! I can help you AVOID most of this agony using PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR, also known as PDR.

Your dent may QUALIFY if the repair is not big collision damage and paint is in good condition.

1) I’ll look at your repair to see if it qualifies for PDR & give you a FREE QUOTE the same day!

2) SAVE TIME. Work is done in hours, not days! I’ll get you on my schedule immediately.

PDR’s method can fix your repair in as little as an hour for small dent to hours for a big repair.

3) Using the latest metal-reshaping technology (called PDR) we fix dents. Your vehicle’s metal will be gently reshaped back to its original state with specialized methods, yet it will maintain the panel’s integrity.

4) Go GREEN! No fillers, chemicals, or paint will be used. Your vehicle’s factory paint will be preserved and auto’s value maintained.

5) SAVE MONEY. Your repair will be considerably less compared to any reputable auto body shop! Typically you pay less than your insurance deductible, so your rates don’t go up, and no accident reported to CARFAX.

Just a few reasons to choose VANISH DENT REPAIR.

• VANISH is small local business in Stanislaus County, NOT a national chain. When you choose local, you give back to your community!

• You deal directly with me, the owner.

• All my work comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Our customers have consistently given me 5 STARS! See what our customers say.

• My goal is to make your dent VANISH and give you a great PDR experience.

Kevin Borden, Owner

We Work By Appointment Only

CALL now to schedule your dent repair Appointment Tuesday -Saturday.